Management Team

Over 15 years experience in medical and health investment, merge and enterprise management.

  • Vincent Ding Co-Founder

    Mr. Vincent Ding has over 20 years of investment and M&A experience in the healthcare industry. Prior to his participation in the establishment of HaoYue Capital, he was the head of the Legend Star healthcare investment team of Legend Holdings. He led the team to successfully close a great number of investment deals, involving medical devices, drug development, biotechnology. Mr. Vincent Ding was the leader of the M&A Department of Heal Force and led the acquisition of nearly ten companies to help the group successfully achieve strategic transformation. He holds an EMBA from CEIBS.

  • Hao Liu CEO & Founder

    Mr. Hao Liu has more than 20 years of experience in hospital management, investment management and investment bank in healthcare industry. Before the establishment of HaoYue Capital, he was the leader of the healthcare team of China Renaissance Holdings Limited(1911.HK). Mr. Hao Liu successfully established the healthcare team of China Renaissance, and successfully completed a significant number of private placement and M&A deals in six years. The total number of the deals he closed is ranked No.1 in the industry. Moreover, he was the leader of the healthcare investment management department of Far East Horizon(3360.HK). Mr. Hao Liu also has years of management experience in large public hospitals. He holds a master degree of market information and analysis from Ghent University.

  • Yishi Li Partner

    Mr. Yishi Li has more than 15 years of experience in R&D, marketing, entrepreneurship, investment and financing in the healthcare industry.Before joining HaoYue Capital in January 2017, he was responsible for the precision medicine strategy and market access of 3Dmed, including the management of development, access to market and registration of the company's genetic testing products and the globalization of the company's drug development business. Mr. Yishi Li developed the first domestic immunotherapy cancer drug to enter the clinical trials in both China and the United States and helped the company raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Moreover, he served as the strategic head of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s tumor immunology product department and the head of the new drug development department of Changzhou Qianhong(002550.SZ). Mr.Li holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from USC. He graduated from the China-Europe International Business School and was a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA.

  • Jason Yang Partner

    Mr. Jason Yang has more than 15+ years of marketing and BD experience in the MedTech industry, and near 5 year of medical related investment and financing experience. Before joining HaoYue Capital, he was Cardiovascular national sales and marketing manager of Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific Co., Ltd. Jason was responsible for Broncus, Lei Ming Shi Kang, Reach Surgical, Peiga Medical and other projects.


More than 30 people come from the industry, the service industry.

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